The Original 12-Volt Portable Water Misting Cooling Systems®

Hand built in house for over 14 years!!!


    ►Proven to reduce outdoor temps by up to 25º Degrees
    ►Our sealed diaphragm specialty pumps are Very Quiet
    ►Connect to 12-volt cigarette lighter type outlet or to our rechargeable battery kits
    Low 24watt power consumption, lasts weeks on an Auto or RV battery
    Misting lines attach easily to canopies, awnings & overhead covers
    ►Hours of cooling with our
    5, 7 or 8 gallon water carriers
    ►Our P
    ressure sensing pump automatically builds pressure
    ►Top Quality Brand mist lines and brass/stainless parts used
    ►Tough diaphragm style p
    umps can run dry without damage
    Both Mist and Fog style spray nozzles available
    Water misting is proven to repel mosquitoes and air born pests
    Over 7000 Systems Hand Built to Date

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    Current Back Order Notes:

    We are currently moving to a New Location, and some products may be out of stock for a couple months (Spring Time). If you are looking to purchase a system in the coming months, we suggest you place your order, even if the desired system is back ordered. We will be shipping orders out in the same way and que position they came in.  Please check product descriptions for more information. Thank you  1/8/2015


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    MXA Nov 2010 - 5 Star Magazine Review, WOW!!!

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