The Original 12-Volt Portable Water Misting Cooling Systems®

Hand built in house for over 14 years!!!


    NEW for 2015
           * 70psi High Pressure Pumps 
           * Ultra Quiet 7gal Carry Bag Systems  
           * 12volt Battery Testers 
           * Pressure Dampeners  
           * Low Flow .008" Nozzles  
           * Inlet Line Screen Filters  

           * Mist Line Carry Bag 
    ►Proven to reduce outdoor temps by up to
    25º Degrees
    ►Our sealed diaphragm specialty pumps are Very Quiet
    ►Connect to 12-volt cig lighter type outlet or to our rechargeable battery kits
    Low 18watt power consumption, lasts weeks on an Auto or RV battery
    Misting lines attach easily to canopies, awnings & overhead covers
    5 gallons of spray water mist cools for upto 2 hours (w/6 outlets)
    ►50psi P
    ressure sensing pump automatically builds and keeps pressure
    ►Top Quality brand "Mist n Cool" mist lines and brass/stainless parts used
    ►Tough diaphragm style p
    umps can run dry without damage
    Spray nozzles use about  ~0.35 gallons per hour each @ 50psi
    Water misting is proven to repel mosquitoes and air born pests

    Click HERE to see more info on pump pressures and performance specs



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