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Canopy Cool has just recently been gifted to us, from our son Jeremy. Jeremy being the creative and inventive person also Created and Gifted us PJ Motorsports some years back. We are truly Blessed to have him as our Son!! Here is his Canopy Cool story as was written by him several years ago.

"Canopy Cool" Since 2001, We are the original 12-volt Portable Water Misting Cooling System company. We originated out of necessity from our activities in the Hot Southern California Deserts. Rage Performance was our Off-road Race Sports company in SoCal.

Originally I designed and built these to keep our race team cool out in remote desert locations. Over and over, racers and friends saw the systems and just had to have one for themselves. I slowly started making these systems out of our race shop as a hobby. It has been over 15 years of building and selling these systems now, it would be safe to say that the business has been blessed by God.

We have hand built and sold over 7700 systems now. We have outfitted school districts, utility & power companies, scouting organizations and more around the country and the world. We even got a small spot on CNN during an oil spill cleanup effort. A boat building company in Florida outfitted their oil cleanup fleet with our systems.

Many portable misting companies have come and gone in the last 15 years, we have thrived. We continually top all new competitor's prices and Quality by making wise purchasing decisions from our distributors. We have adopted a stringent conservation program within our small company keeping us healthier and cost efficient. Our performance and attention to quality is unsurpassed.

A few years back we moved out of SoCal to a quieter and peaceful life in the Northwest. All systems are hand built in house by family here in Silverton, Oregon.

Thank You for your purchase & support
Jeremy - Inventor / Builder / Faithful Believer
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The human mind plans the way, but the Lord (Yeshua/Jesus) directs the steps

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