Canopy Cool Customer Video's and Pics

I am looking for a few people who have the ability to make a short video showing the "unboxing, assembly and operation" of a couple different models of our canopy cool systems. I will offer a 10% refund/discount on the unit you purchase. I would like the video to be about 2 to 3 minutes long showing what you did from getting your system to final cooling stage. Email us if you are interested. Refund will be given back to you when the video is finished. I would like to use the YouTube platform to host the video, and be able to upload it to my channel. We have the 2 videos on our site so far and I would like to start a page showing how others have used their systems. I will only be taking a few offers, and the first received will take first order of placement and acceptance.

Thank you so much 5/10/2016

Email us at: