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The Original 12-Volt Portable Water Misting Cooling Systems®

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►Proven to reduce outdoor temps by up to 25º Degrees
►Our sealed diaphragm specialty pumps are Very Quiet 
►Connect to 12-volt Accessory outlet or to our rechargeable battery kit
Low ~4amp, 48watt power, lasts days on an Auto or RV battery
Mist lines attach easily to canopies, awnings & overhead covers
►Hours of cooling with our 
5, 7, 8 or 15 gallon water carriers
►Our P
ressure sensing pump automatically builds 70psi+ pressure
►Top Quality Brand mist lines and brass/stainless parts used
►Tough diaphragm style p
umps can run dry without damage
►Lg, Md & Sm - 
3 Sizes of Mist Spray nozzles available
►Add ~ICE~ to extend water use & add a HUGE  ~Cooling~ Effect
Water misting is proven to repel mosquitoes and air born pests
►Over 7700 Systems Hand Built
1 Year Warranty

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