Mist Setup & Nozzle Size Info


The general idea with evaporative mist cooling is that water is compressed and turned into a fine fog mist. It absorbs hot air under your tent, evaporates away and leaves cool air behind.

The systems come with a 70 psi+ pressure pumps. Pumps can be safely turned up to about 90 psi, however water usage suffers considerably. If you plan to sit under your mist for any length of time then use the .008" nozzles. The .012" nozzle is Max Cooling for light winds and hot Hot HOT!!! 

Many people ask about using Ice in their cooling water. We say YES!! This will extend water use and adds a HUGE Boost to the ~Cooling~ effect!

.012" Lg Mist - Best for  +100°, windy & dry areas, flow rate each mister ~.5 gph 

(note - Flow rate for 10 of the .012" nozzles is NOT 5 gph. As you add nozzles the flow rate reduces because you are spreading the pressure out over more nozzles. That is why 10 nozzles with a 5 gallon bucket lasts over 1.25 hours+. Water and air temp also effect flow rates.)

.008" Md Mist Nozzle - Best for  ~100°, Light wind & dry areas, flow rate each mister ~.4 gph 

.006" Sm Mist Nozzle - Best for -95°, Humid or dry areas, no wind, flow rate each mister. These Clog very easy.. The holes are so Very Tiny!! ~.3 gph

Misting Setup Ideas
  Shown Below  

(Looking from the top down over a 10x10 canopy. The blue dots are your misters mounted under your canopy.)
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Water Usage Approximations List Below:

70psi - w/10 Large Mist Nozzles .012" - w/5 gallons ~ 1 hour 15 mins
70psi - w/10 Small Mist Nozzles .008" - w/5 gallons ~ 2 hours
70psi - w/10 Large Mist Nozzles .012" - w/7 gallons ~ 1 hour 45 mins
70psi - w/10 Small Mist Nozzles .008" w/7 gallons ~ 2 hours 30 mins

NOTE: You can adjust your pump pressure with a little mechanical know how.  If you want to Do-It-Yourself check out the Troubleshoot section.